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Community Resources

Family Promise helps local communities coordinate their compassion to address the root causes of family homelessness. Families come to us in crisis; we assist them in rebuilding their lives with new skills and ongoing support.


That said, we also want to assist those not in our programs whenever possible. Thus, on this page, we find and share existing resources to empower all families and help bring some cheer back into their lives!

One-Off Events

These are events that only happen once, so be sure not to miss them!

Weekly Events

These are events that happen weekly with some occurring multiple times each week, so sign up when you can!

Bi-Weekly Events

These are events happen every two weeks, so register and remember to save the date! 

Monthly Events

These are events that only happen once a month, so remember to register ahead of time to save your spot!

Other Helpful Resources!

These resources include brochures, flyers, links, and more with information that we think could be helpful!