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Preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place

with Shelter Diversion, Rental Assistance and Transportation programs.

With more than 40% of Americans a $400 expense away from financial distress,

the threat of crisis looms closely for too many families.

Preventing families from spiraling into homelessness

is an essential part of the Family Promise mission.

The Family Promise of Hudson County  Homelessness Prevention Program is a program that provides future rental assistance (as needed) along with long-term case management to the families of Hudson County. 

This program not only encompasses rental assistance, but also provides families with referrals to other programs that will benefit them for long term success.

We are currently accepting applications for HPP!
(Read below to find out how to apply)


You can apply to HPP via the button below! You will be redirected to a Google form, which will take about 10 minutes to complete. Please read the instructions carefully and double-check that you inputted the correct information before submitting the form.

Upon submission of your completed application, we will reach out to you within 3 business days to schedule a phone interview. 

Our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) has been doing wonders for our families! In addition to paying our clients' rental arrears and assisting them with a 30% stipend of their monthly rent until the end of 2021, they are also being assisted by our long-term case management. Below are two examples of how our case management is helping to make a difference:

  • Client A is a registered nurse who was employed until recently and is battling a life-threatening illness. She is also an aunt to two amazing teenagers that she provides more than half her income to caring for. Her niece was graduating and she wanted to send her to the high school prom to make a memorable moment in her life. Thanks to HPP and the case management that comes with it, we were able to give this family the funds needed to purchase the prom ticket and dress!

  • Client B is a single mom who recently experienced loss in her family because of COVID-19. She was uncertain about what to do to maintain her household but was introduced to several job openings while connected to FPHC that landed her a full-time position. It was with the help of HPP's case management that she was prepared enough to secure the job and a better future for her and her son!

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