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Corporate Sponsorship

We believe that family homelessness needs a community response. Corporations are a part of that solution. Find out how companies are making a difference for families in Hudson County.

If you would like to become a Corporate Sponsor of Family Promise of Hudson County, please email

A Place Called Home

IKEA is more than just a home furnishing retailer, in fact, it is a generous member of our FPHC community!

Earlier this year, FPHC was chosen to receive IKEA's A Place Called Home Grant. As a recipient,  we received about $20,000 worth of products and services from IKEA to renovate one of our static locations!

The result of this? An amazing upgrade and a cozier home for our families!

We are incredibly grateful to Craig Thompson, Jaritza Caba, and their IKEA team for the wonderful work they did at our static location, bringing it to another level and making it an even better home for the family residing there! From designing to bringing the design to life on site, they were always there doing their best and reminding us that together WE can! Thank you all so much on behalf of FPHC and the families we assist!

If you would like to see the work that they did, feel free to look through the gallery below!

Columbia Bank

Columbia Bank's employees held an incredibly generous gift drive for our families during the 2023 Holiday Season.
Grow with Google

Grow with Google has kindly partnered with us to bring further education to our families.
Blue Foundry Bank

Blue Foundry Bank has been one of Family Promise of Hudson County's main banks and has donated multiple times.
Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has donated to Family Promise of Hudson County to help fund our events.
BCB Community Bank
BCB Bank has provided support during fundraising events.
Brightside Tavern
Brightside Tavern has provided food and a place to hold fundraising events.
CarePointHealth Logo.JPG
CarePoint Health

CarePoint has partnered with Family Promise of Hudson County to provide healthcare for our guests.

Shoprite has partnered with Family Promise of Hudson County to provide for our families.
Manifest Comics
Manifest Comics has kindly donated comics and games to children
of our families.
Bob's Discount Furniture

Bob's Discount Furniture has partnered with us in fundraising.
Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker Jersey City  has provided volunteers for cleaning and organizing our day center.
Haven Savings Bank
Haven Savings Bank in Hoboken has provided support during fundraising events.

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