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Upcoming Events

Family Promise hosts several events each year to engage support, raise funds, and spread the word about our mission to end family homelessness. These events are invaluable opportunities to create relationships with people and companies who are interested in helping us make a difference in the lives of homeless parents and their children.

Our 5th Anniversary!

Anniversary Posts.png

On February 22nd, it will be FPHC's 5th Anniversary! We are all so excited to be celebrating our 5th year as a Family Promise Affiliate and would like all of you to join us in our celebration! Instead of throwing a party, we decided to celebrate by starting this year off right for our families.

Help Us Move In (HUMI), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help children escape homelessness, has gifted FPHC with a $15,000 matching grant for our Homelessness Prevention Program! Thus, we would like to dedicate our anniversary celebration to fulfilling our half of the grant!


As such, we will be running a fundraiser on our social media, which you can find all of below! Additionally, if you would like to donate early please click the button below!


We thank you all in advance for your generosity and look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion together! Remember, together WE can!

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Past Events


Welcome to Our Fall Online Fundraiser!

Starting last year, Family Promise of Hudson County (FPHC) has at least one fundraiser in the Fall season. This year’s fundraiser is online and can be accessed via our social media accounts, website, and newsletter. For this fundraiser, we are focusing on our programming and the daily cost of each of our said programs. Our programs include Shelter Diversion, Homelessness Prevention, Shelter, and Alumni.

You can click the image above to go to our  Facebook page with the first video of the fundraiser, which gives you a little reminder as to who we are! 

Or, you can continue reading below to learn more about the fundraiser and our programs!

Our newest program, Shelter Diversion, is a one-time infusion given to those in need. While this may not seem like much to some, something as simple as $1,000 can keep a family from being evicted. The daily cost of operations for this program is $52.00.


Our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) is a program that provides future rental assistance (as needed) along with long-term case management to the families of Hudson County. This program not only encompasses rental assistance but also provides families with referrals to other programs that will benefit them for long-term success. This program is for those who need more assistance than our Shelter Diversion families. The daily cost of operations for this program is $125.00.


With our Shelter Program, we relocate homeless families into static locations. A static location is a fixed site where a family can stay and volunteers provide hospitality from a distance. These locations give our families the stability needed to get themselves back on their feet. This program is for those who, unfortunately, did not know of the programs above until they had already lost their homes. The daily cost of operations for this program is $88.49.


Finally, the families who get back on their feet via any of the other programs are then considered FPHC Alumni! Despite them being alumni, we continue to assist them in any way they need that we can provide! The daily cost of operations for this program is $6.50.


As one can assume, these daily totals add up quickly. Thus, please show your support by donating to this cause. You can see how to donate in the image below!

If you are unable to donate, then we ask you to help spread the word of our fundraising efforts and the links below.

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If you are curious about how the fundraiser will be uploaded, then please read the image below for it has our timeline!

We here at Family Promise of Hudson County thank you in advance for any help you choose to provide and look forward to seeing how our conjoined efforts bare fruit in this essential fundraiser!

April 28th!


May 12th!

hudson gives logo.png

Family Promise Giving Day is an online fundraiser that brings together all Family Promise Affiliates in the continuing battle against homelessness.


Visit our page via the button below to join the battle and create a brighter future!

#HudsonGives is an online fundraiser that brings together nonprofits throughout Hudson County to raise money and awareness for their selfless causes.


Visit our page via the button below to make a difference in the lives of many today!

These two amazing events do not stand alone! In fact, they give us a wonderful opportunity to do another great deed:


Family Promise of Hudson County was graciously given the opportunity to partner with Help Us Move In (HUMI) to further pursue our goal of making sure no families and children have to bear the misfortune of becoming homeless. HUMI awarded us $10,000 to assist the families right now, but we have a challenge for you all, the community. Family Promise of Hudson County and HUMI would like to challenge the Community to raise $20,000 after our entitled match of $10,000. 

Due to a generous community donation, we are already halfway towards our goal. Therefore, from now till the end of 2022, we want to challenge the community to raise an additional $10,000 to assist those in need in our community. 

We hope that we will knock this goal out in no time and come one step closer to ensuring no family or child has to worry about having a roof over their head or a bed to sleep in at night. We'd also like to thank those, and HUMI, for everything they have done for us and Hudson County thus far.

This may seem like a lot to handle, but always remember, "Together WE Can"!



An Evening of Promise: Bridging a Better Future Together
Evening of Promise Building a Better Future Together.png

An Evening of Promise: Bridging a Better Future Together, was a celebratory fundraiser cocktail party honoring our Board Vice President Sister Georgette Gavioli's 29 years of service at St. Aloysius. The proceeds funded the general operating cost of our shelter locations!

Click to preview the Fall Fundraiser Event Journal Gallery!

Click to preview our Fall Fundraiser Event Photo Gallery!

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